Saturday, October 22, 2011


We had a questionnaire session during our English class this week, as an activity to ‘get to know one another’. Each of us must ask each of us in the class at least one question and we had to present the results. 50 questions asked by and to 50 students.

I chose two simple questions to ask. A question that would not require me to interact too long with the interviewee. “Is physiology your favourite subject?” and “Are you left- or right-handed?”

I was asked 50 different questions. Some of them were superficial, and some were deep. I tried to answer honestly, not trying to be too philosophical or theoretical. I established a protagonist (everybody else) and an antagonist (myself).

“Who do you prefer to marry: someone younger, older, or of the same age?”
“I’m indifferent. We’re all going to die one day.”

“What makes you upset?”

“What is your dream?”
“I want everyone to be happy.”

“What would you do if today is the last day of your life?”
“I’d be good to everyone.”

Ah, general answers. Good and happy are subjective, right?

Good is what decreed good by God, and bad is what decreed bad by God.

But that last question — memang sangat menyentap. Deep.

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